We love to get feedback, especially since it's always so positive! Take a look at just a few of the comments we have received from some of our trusted sellers and their customers. You may think it sounds too good to be true, we say try it for yourself!

Rotherham Hydroponics
Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley
"Since introducing Buddhas Tree products to our stores, they have quickly become some of our best selling additives. Their PK 9/18 and Solar Green Power are amazing products and have taken very little effort to convince customers to buy. The feedback we have received has backed up what we already knew and almost every single user has returned for more! You know you have a good product when even the customers are pushing it to other customers in store." Visit website

UK Groworks
Brighton, Northfleet, Welling, Gillingham
"Having been in the industry for almost 10 years now, we are always very dubious when 'another' new nutrient range comes out! However with Buddhas Tree we were not only pleasantly surprised, we were astonished. The PK 9/18 was an instant hit, giving users clear, visible results both quickly and for a great price. What then followed was a superb range of additives, that, in our opinion should be included in any feeding schedule to provide growers with results that simply surpass anything that they have achieved before, in terms of both yield and quality. To sum up Buddhas Tree is 'the' range of additives to use. They are affordable, concentrated and give RESULTS! A big thumbs up from GroWorks." Visit website

Holland Hydroponics
Manchester, Burnley, Flint
"The entire Buddhas Tree range sells incredibly well at Holland Hydroponics and feedback we've received from customers has all been extremely positive, in particular Solar Green Power, with one customer commenting that he could see noticeable results in just a matter of days with leaves turning a lush green colour, stems strengthening and a general overall improvement on the plants health." Visit website

Premier Hydroponics
Edinburgh, Dundee, Broxburn
"At Premier we only stock products that are effective and provide our customers with consistently satisfying results. Having tested the Buddhas Tree range ourselves under grow room conditions , we know first hand as do our customers the outstanding benefits and results that can be achieved." Visit website

Clockwork Horticulture
"We have stocked the Buddhas Tree range here at Clockwork since they released their flagship PK 9-18 a few years ago. It is the best selling additive range in our store and that is simply because it works incredibly well and we have always received nothing but positive feedback from our customers. They come back for it time and time again. The introduction of their other additives was great news for us and our customers. The Flower Burst is an outstanding early flowering additive too that the growers rave about!" Visit website

Hydro Hobby
"The PK 9-18 has always been popular for us here at Hydro Hobby and we love all of the Buddhas Tree Products. Our customers particularly like the Solar Green Power and Meta Boost is an outstanding product too. We cant fault them. Our customers really like how far they go and they offer real quality with value for money." Visit website

Brit Crops
"We introduced Buddha's Tree last November at Britcrops and the feed back is always the same "(Expletive)Wow!" Customers report a massive visual difference with in a couple of weeks when using Buddha's Tree and the aroma towards the end of the cycle is amazing." Visit website

Junction 6 Hydroponics
"We are always hearing extremely good feedback when talking to customers that have been using Buddhas Tree PK9-18. We gave it to trusted growers early on to test and so we know of its qualities. It is a really great product that delivers REAL results." Visit website

Southern Hydroponics
"Since we began stocking Buddhas Tree PK we have had glowing feedback. It is an outstanding bloom booster and the demand is increasing all the time as word spreads through us and our customers, who are happily and genuinely surprised by the results and the quality of their flowers." Visit website

8 Ball Hydroponics
West Midlands
"Top, top flowering booster. Our customers are genuinely blown away by the results they are getting using Buddhas Tree. The only `complaint` is the massive increase in the plants natural odour!" Visit website

Green Fingers
"We are always hearing extremely good feedback when talking to customers that have been using Buddhas Tree PK9-18. We gave it to trusted growers early on to test and so we know of its qualities. It is a really great product that delivers REAL results. It is excellent on every level. We couldn't recommend it more highly. Every customer who uses it is amazed by the yield and quality it gives. Word is spreading fast too, i've nearly run out, again" Visit website

Hydroponics Dealer
"The feedback has been solid. We had it tested early on, as you know, against other flowering boosters at the same time so that we could compare them. The corner where Buddhas Tree was used was a completely different story from the rest as far as density, smell and oil production are concerned..." Visit website

Ahppy Hydroponics
"Buddhas Tree is a tip top bloom booster. The reports we have had from our customers and around the area is nothing but good news. They all tell us of its immediate impact on their blooms when they begin using it with their preferred base nutrients. It works great with them all, resulting in big gains in every way." Visit website

Leeds Hydroponics
"Our customers who use Buddhas Tree PK love the effect it has on their plants. It definitely produces the results they desire because they come back for more. They all tell us about the great yield and emphasise the increase in smell and potency." Visit website

One Stop For Growing
Weston Super Mare
"It works so well! It causes massive swelling and everybody comments on the level of oils it produces! It is smashing every other booster at the moment in our area." Visit website

The Green Machine
North Wales
"It is absolutely spot on! We have stocked your Buddhas Tree PK for only a couple of months and it is flying out. All our customers love it and the feedback has always been the same." Visit website

Mr-Beam Hydroponics
South Yorkshire
"Guys its amazing stuff. I've had customers say they have never seen anything like it before. Its fantastic and is quickly becoming everyones first choice here. They cant get enough of it." Visit website